Thursday, 30 July 2009

Present making is maybe my favourite kind of making

On Friday, my little (step)sister turns 18! 
(My goodness this makes me feel old... I remember meeting her when she was 7 and how FLIPPIN' TINY she was. Yipes.)

ANYWAY... I have a birthday / going off to uni present planned out for her in the form of a luxury leaving-home care package.  However it is yet to be put together and will also be way too big and heavy to put in the post, so I wanted to make her something I could send up to her with her birthday card.

Enter, the snoozy skull bunny.  I love his cuteness.  

In other local news, I made vegan potato salad dumplings today.  They look seriously yummy, I'm looking forward to lunchtime tomorrow!

Jen xxx

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

So this afternoon, my partner-in-craft, Lainey, came over and we tried our hand at marzipan knitting!  This was first shown on the amazing VeganYumYum website and we just couldn't resist!  They took us ages, but it was worth it.  Here's some photos of the fun we had...

Me making the cupcakes...

Kitty wanted in on the action

Our Workstation
Our workstation (aka, the coffee table so we could carry on watching Dodgeball)

Jen Scarf Cake
My first attempt at making a scarf. I was pretty proud!

Lainey Scarf Cake
Lainey's beautiful scarf

Pretty Bow Cake
I made a bow!

The finished goods!
The finished articles

Jen Enjoi
Lainey Enjoi
Us enjoying the goods!

All in all, an awesome night. We also scoffed a serious amount of pasta bake, discussed hiking in the Yorkshire Dales and I made some headway on the shrug I'm knitting. Superkool.

In other crafting news, I began making a list in my head of all the things I needed to get for my trip to Barcelona in a couple of weeks. This rapidly turned into a list of things I need to knit and sew by August 10th. So, on my current to-do list is a shrug (which I'm about a third of the way through already), a bikini (yep, I'm crocheting a bikini!), a new summer bag and, if I get a sewing machine for my birthday, a maxi dress in a fabric I approve of.  Pictures will follow!

Jen xxx