Saturday, 17 April 2010


I don't much like wearing jeans.  Skinny ones are too 'scenester' for my taste, and baggy ones just too casual.  They're good for slopping round the house in, and pretty much the only time I wear them in public is when I'm working at the young people's bike project (grease on my favourite skirts? no thanks!).  Then finally, I found not one but TWO pairs of high waisted lovelies in town and my heart skipped a beat.  My wonderful mama bear treated me to them and now here they are in all their beautiful glory :)

I'm still not so good at this posing lark, and self-consciousness means they all got taken during my morning cigarette as there were guaranteed no housemates interrupting - smoking is bad kids, don't do it!

Anyway, I'm off to work (on a Saturday, this is a human rights issue I feel) and then tonight I'm going to see Lou Reed! Man, I'm so excited.  Most likely I'll spend all day planning my outfit... I think the awesome new hat has to come into it somewhere :) Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday!

Jen xxx

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Peachy Keen 06.04.10

It finally feels like spring is here!

Did everyone have a lovely Easter? Mine started off a bit manic; the first 36 hours were spent hanging out with friends, dancing and maybe a couple too many ciders, oops.  But the last couple of days have been lovely!  I spent Sunday at Sacrewell Farm with my friend Jade, we had cream teas and bottle fed baby lambs - they were soooo cute.  Yesterday I went to visit my mama bear; we went to a big bank holiday market and charity shopping.  I managed to come back with four(!) Mrs Beeton cookbooks and the most amazing hat ever, which will probably feature soon (my hair is soooo not photographable today).  Today I've spent a few hours planting out potatoes and onions in the garden, and got very excited that my cauliflowers and chili peppers have sprouted.

Plea for help actually: does anyone know if it's okay to grow cauliflowers in containers or grow bags? My house is rented and I'm not sure how much of the garden I can dig up...

Anyway! What's been gracing the macbook screen this week?

It's a bit old, but Solanah's tutorial on doing rag curls makes it look super simple.  I'm starting to not be able to sleep with bendy rollers in my hair, so will be trying this out soon.

This has been popping up everywhere, so apologies if you've seen it before, but these bloomers are the most squeeably cute thing I've seen in a while.  Must make me a pair!

The Collette Patterns blog is a total visual treat and full of inspiration.  I've been spending far too much time reading through it the last couple of days.  Uni work? What uni work? Lol.  Check out the patterns too if you're into sewing, there's some gorgeous things.

I love this poem by Charles Bukowski... although I'm the furthest thing from a tortured artist it still greatly entertains me!  I love the bit about not forgetting your Brahms, or Bach, or beer.  (If you're not a fan of cuss words or the Bukowski-style vulgarity then don't click (: )

What inspiration have you found this week?

Jen xxxx