Thursday, 30 July 2009

Present making is maybe my favourite kind of making

On Friday, my little (step)sister turns 18! 
(My goodness this makes me feel old... I remember meeting her when she was 7 and how FLIPPIN' TINY she was. Yipes.)

ANYWAY... I have a birthday / going off to uni present planned out for her in the form of a luxury leaving-home care package.  However it is yet to be put together and will also be way too big and heavy to put in the post, so I wanted to make her something I could send up to her with her birthday card.

Enter, the snoozy skull bunny.  I love his cuteness.  

In other local news, I made vegan potato salad dumplings today.  They look seriously yummy, I'm looking forward to lunchtime tomorrow!

Jen xxx

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  1. I love the way you wrote this 'present making is maybe my favourite kind of making' that is really beautiful. Things made by hand are always precious, but when your young you don't appreciate it so much, its only with time. Lucky little sister. The skull bunny is cute and sleepy.