Saturday, 17 April 2010


I don't much like wearing jeans.  Skinny ones are too 'scenester' for my taste, and baggy ones just too casual.  They're good for slopping round the house in, and pretty much the only time I wear them in public is when I'm working at the young people's bike project (grease on my favourite skirts? no thanks!).  Then finally, I found not one but TWO pairs of high waisted lovelies in town and my heart skipped a beat.  My wonderful mama bear treated me to them and now here they are in all their beautiful glory :)

I'm still not so good at this posing lark, and self-consciousness means they all got taken during my morning cigarette as there were guaranteed no housemates interrupting - smoking is bad kids, don't do it!

Anyway, I'm off to work (on a Saturday, this is a human rights issue I feel) and then tonight I'm going to see Lou Reed! Man, I'm so excited.  Most likely I'll spend all day planning my outfit... I think the awesome new hat has to come into it somewhere :) Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday!

Jen xxx

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