Monday, 8 February 2010

The beginning of a new week...

I don't know about anyone else, but on Mondays I always like to make a quick to-do list of everything I want to achieve in the week to come. As I start full-time work again in a couple of weeks there seems to be lots to do in order to tie up lots of loose ends before my crafting and relaxing time gets cut into. I've also got my first comissions for sewing projects. YAY! My friend wants a skirt for her birthday, her fiancee has asked if I can crochet him a moogle and another of my friends and her boyfriend have asked if I can make them costumes for the Bizarre Ball. Lots and lots to do indeed :)

Inspiring me a lot this week is the fashion stitcher Laura Lees. Everyone who's been a regular Topshop visitor would recognise her pretty dresses embellished with awesome embroidery. As I've been making my skirt, I started to think that embroidering something on the pockets would be uber cute (especially some of the awesome birds in my embroidery book!). I went to visit my Amyfriend this weekend, and she's lent me the most awesome Laura Lees dress which just sealed the deal for me. See her work here.

So. What have I got on my list to do this week?
- Finish my skirt! It didn't get done this weekend as I got distracted by friends and shopping. Oops.
- Start my essay on anti-oppressive practice. Neither crafty nor vintage but it must be done if I want to have a chance of finishing it before the deadline.
- Go dancing. I'm going to be brave and go along to Ceroc this week even though none of my friends think they'll be able to make it. I'm bored of the gym but am getting that restless feeling that comes after not doing an exercise for a while.

It's quite a short list this week, but the first two will probably take up most of my time. It'll be worth it in the end though.

Final thought: Hobbycraft was AWESOME. The whole centre it's part of is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that it requires its own post. More details later in the week!

Lots of love
Jen xxxx

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