Sunday, 2 May 2010

Miss Marple: Style Inspiration!

Until a few weeks ago, I'd never watched or indeed read a single Agatha Christie novel.  Then, thanks to a combination of circumstances (The Moving Finger being first read in the Vintage Book Club, and discovering that Richard Armitage was in one of the adaptation...) I decided to finally sit down and watch this knitting super-detective!

And oh my. What style inspiration! Beautiful dresses, immaculate make-up and some seriously swoon-worthy chaps. Don't take my word for it, have a peek :)

See what I mean? I've almost worked my way through every episode, and have no idea what I'll do when they're done! Someone's recommended I try Foyle's War for some 1940s drama... any thoughts?

One final Miss Marple thought: Megan Hunter... the unlikely, scruffy, clumsy heroine of The Moving Finger.  She falls off her bike, can't darn her stockings and is generally a little bit quirky.  Love. Her.

(I can't remember where these photos are from, they were just hanging out on my laptop... if you know, pass that info to me and I'll credit them!)

And now... I have a big cup of Earl Grey, some champagne truffles and absolutely must get on with my uni work!

Jen xxxx


  1. What an adorable blog you have - and Miss Marple is just a dream.....I love them all, such perfect style, such intriguing stories !! Great to meet you too - I am now a follower of your blog as well !! Cheers from me at Alice Jean's !XX

  2. Thank you! ^_^

    I just started reading your blog thanks to Queens of Vintage, it's delightful... just need to get this uni work out the way so I can go back to it!

    Jen xx

  3. Yay, another Richard Armitage fan :) Most people I know haven't even heard of him. And Foyle's War is quite good show. The characters are quite likable and the mysteries are always interesting.

    Cute blog by the way :)

  4. Thank you :) And I've just seen PBS is showing Foyle's War episodes online so I'll be sure to check it out!

    Ooh, Richard Armitage... have you been watching Strike Back? It's not the kind of thing I'd normally watch but it's had me hooked!

  5. Miss Marple and everything Agatha are my idols!

  6. ................ yes, do watch Foyle's War, I Capture the Castle, The Edge of Love - fabulous 'cardi culture' - I live in that reality too. Love the blog.