Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Land Girls!

Has anyone else been watching Land Girls on BBC?

Yes, yes, I know it's been slammed for being totally inaccurate. But. When having a cuppa before bed, I don't want to watch a documentary. I want to watch something with pretty hair and dresses with a nice fluffy romantic story. And boy, it delivers on that.

(First attempt at a screencap... must try harder lol)

This scene is just too cute... when Connie kisses the piano player (and finds out in the next episode that he's the vicar...).  Just adorable.  I'm totally soppy at heart.  And he is just an absolute cupcake!  I'm far too superficial, TV shows are definitely more watchable when there's something pretty to look at  :)

In other exciting news, my friend Bob and I are off to Hedna's next weekend.  And Katy Carr's playing! It's our first 40s night out since Wansford last September, absolutely cannot wait.  Going to see Swan Lake this weekend too, so much awesome right now.  Which totally makes up for the fact I've been MIA for months, right?

Jen xxxx

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