Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Summer Inspiration

Hi everyone, hope you're all having lovely starts to the week!

Now, I was *hoping* that I'd be able to proudly show off my new 'Sew and Save' dress this evening... but alas, I still have to finish the neck trim and hem the bottom.  I'm feeling very pleased with it though!

So instead, here's some lovely summer outfit inspiration.  As I said, I'm off to Malta at the end of May for a family wedding, and I'm determined to only pack beautiful vintage / vintage inspired outfits.  Especially because my grandma will be there and we love chatting fashion and sewing... she still likes to talk about seeing me get off the train last summer, and how I looked like a filmstar!  I didn't, I'd been on a train for 6 hours in late August, but what a lovely thing to say :)

I love this little nautical inspired number... supercute!
[Image from here]

I would wear all of these dresses... but my absolute favourite has to be the green one with the cherries on
[Image from here]

Bows! And ruffles!
[Image from here]

I've been thinking about needing a new swimsuit too (any excuse to go shopping!)

[Image from here]

Maybe a Jane Russell-esque swimsuit will help me hook a Robert Mitchum-esque chap!
[Image from here]

Yep, definitely feeling the need for summer now!

Jen xxxx


  1. Those dress patterns are amazing i've finally got my sweing machine going and i'm making a dress from a 40's patern too :D. My Nan says things like that to me too, aren't Nan's the best!?

    Em x

  2. I'm so excited to see your Sew and Save dress. I have the book too but I have found it really difficult to follow it due to how few pictures there are. I'm sure after your success with it I'll be urged to give it a go despite my feble imagination.

  3. Ooh Emily, looking forward to seeing the finished product, good luck!

    Rosie Beau, it's not as complicated as it first appears :) Hopefully mine will be hemmed by Friday, and if you need any advice just ask! I'm by no means an expert, but I've got a decent beginner's perspective on it :)

    Jen x