Sunday, 20 March 2011

Weekend Round-up: Events and Observations

I can't believe it's Sunday evening again already! Where did all the days go?

This week seems to have been non-stop, yet not a lot has happened.  Somehow I haven't found time to chronicle or photograph anything that's occurred (including my gravity defying victory rolls last night, I was so proud of those babies!).  But anyway, here's the edited highlights of my week :)

1. I started sewing the frock from the Sew and Save book.  Seriously, I cannot recommend this book enough.  It has loads of useful information on repairs and alterations, but also has a section of patterns to sew.  Because it was published for your average 1941 woman rather than super-talented seamstresses, the patterns are fairly simple but I'm still learning a lot.  However, both my sewing machines are heading to the great craft room in the sky so it looks like I'll be spending tomorrow evening hand-sewing the sleeves and the hems!  I'm off to a 40s dance next Saturday so on a tight deadline if I want to show it off :)

2. I sorted out my community placement!  As part of my Masters, I have to do a 180-hour placement in a community setting.  It's been a real struggle to find anything interesting in my town, but my supervisor had the idea of working with our local credit union.  It sounds really exciting - I'll be learning to be a debt counsellor and working with different community groups - and I can't wait to get started.

3. Yesterday, the mamma bear and my little sister came to visit and we went for shopping and food, the two things we all love!  I found the most beautiful dress in French Connection (I know, I didn't expect that!) to wear to my cousin's wedding in Malta.  And the best bit... knocked down from £185 to £35!  I'm saving it for the wedding, but will most definitely be getting a LOT of photos :)

4. Finally, I've been working my way through the 'Thin Man' movie series.  Nick and Nora Charles are my absolute favourite on-screen couple. Ever.  If you've never seen it, you should!  A perfect blend of detective story, amazing comedy and gorgeous dresses.  Here's a little preview: 

Obviously, there's been a lot of baking and gardening too, but that goes without saying these days!  I'm so looking forward to having all my evenings free (3 more weeks left!) so I have time to both do fun things and talk about them too...

Has anyone else had fabulous weekends?

Jen xxxx


  1. Your new dresses sounds exciting, and your community placement, I'm trying to find some new volunteering here but theres not much about.

    I spent the weekend working, but I managed a bit of sitting in the sun and knitting too! :)

  2. Sitting in the sun and knitting - sounds fabulous to me!

    It's surprised me how difficult it is to find volunteering opportunities, especially with all the Big Society gubbins that's being thrown around (can you tell I'm a bit cynical? lol). I've done some on-off volunteering for my local branch of the Wildlife Trust - think they're always looking for people if it sounds like your kind of thing!