Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hedna's Vintage Nightclub and fangirl happiness!

Hey chaps!

So last night Bob and I headed over to Hedna's Vintage Nightclub at The Stables in Milton Keynes.  I was so so excited about seeing Katy Carr and then getting my swing on.  And of course, before we went my housemate took a couple of photos :)

Hehe, we wanted to do a very 'formal' pose, and then show off our dancing skills :)

So then we were on our way!  It was lovely when we got there, everyone was all dressed up and there was a photographer wandering round (when the photos are up I'll link them).  

Katy Carr was first on and she was brilliant.  She played 'Lili Marlene' which is one of my favourites, and loads more but I'm on a time limited internet here :)

ANYWAY.  The main point of my story!  After Katy had played, Bob and I headed out for a cigarette, but first I went to tell Katy how fab I thought she was, and get a photo because that's how much of a fangirl geek I am...  She was pretty much the nicest person I've ever met and took us into her dressing room and made us coffees and gave us cake and we spent ages talking about Swimbridge (a tiny village in Devon that I love, and in fact is how I discovered Katy because she'd played at the village hall there!).  So yep, my night was pretty much made :)


Hedna's overall was fab, the music was great and everyone looked lovely.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that at the next one there's more room to dance!!

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  1. I say, thank you for the wonderful review, you have out a smile on our face.

    Did you know there are pictures of you on the Hedna's facebook page?

    See you in June

    Pip pip

    Harry & Edna