Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Peachy Keen 22.02.11

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope you're all having a super start to the week :)

Spring is here! Actually, it's still freezing here and not feeling much like spring at all.  But the spring clean is definitely on.  Today was my first day off with no uni work for months (hurrah!) so I cleaned, baked and planted like the domestic goddess I sincerely wish I was.  In the kitchen we now have fresh homemade bread and yummy sweet potato and lentil soup as well as peppers and onions planted in containers ready for sprouting.  I love home days.

This week's Peachy Keen is a short one, I'm looking forward to having lots more time to waste on the internet! (That's a joke... kind of)

Miss James has a darling blog, and she recently linked to these old / new photos by Irina Werning.  Such a cute concept!

I'm a massive Haruki Murakami fan, his novels are amazing.  And I absolutely can't wait for the film of Norwegian Wood.  Check out the trailer here.

These gin cocktail recipes are making me long for lazy summer evenings.  The Blue Moon sounds particularly delicious!

And finally... someone has turned The Great Gatsby into an 8-bit game.  It's a little bit genius actually, but I had to stop on the second level because a) I'm rubbish and kept dying and b) I really need to go to sleep!

Right, that's it for me... super tired and already curled up in bed with a chai latte, what a lovely way to end the day!

Jen xxxx

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