Sunday, 20 February 2011

Weekend Round-up

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had lovely weekends :)

I was planning on doing another Saturday Morning Cinema yesterday, but I fell asleep during both movies, oops!  So instead here's a quick round-up of what the weekend had in store for me...

1) I got up super early on Saturday and baked lots of yummy cupcakes to take home for the mamma bear and my sister:
They are so so tasty... I used this recipe for a simple vanilla cupcake and then tried lots of different flavoured buttercreams... there's some mixed with blueberries, some with rose syrup and some with a plum and cinnamon jam (they're definitely my favourites!)  Happily, they went down a storm!

2. My sister needs things to do while her beau is working away, so while we were both together I taught her to knit.  She did really well! After a couple of glasses of wine though, it got a bit silly...
What a cutie :)

3. And finally, I finished my last ever essay for my Masters!!!! Well... I still have my final placement to do, and my dissertation if I want the full award (which I do).  But it's my last 'proper' essay and that's a lovely feeling.  Can't wait to print it off and post it, I think a celebration is in order.

What fun have you been up to this weekend?

Jen xxxx

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