Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Peachy Keen 01.02.11

Image from A Softer World.  Love it!

Happy February everyone!  Can't believe we're a whole month into the New Year already, whew.

So this weekend one of my housemates moved out to his very own batchelor pad.  It's a bit strange because he was the first friend (rather than boyfriend) that I've lived with, and he will be much missed, but also I'm excited as we suddenly have lots more space and it's time to get rearranging!  I've spent all day moving furniture and cleaning, now there's that lovely knackered feeling where I just know curling up in bed is going to be great :)

So what's been good on the internet this week?

I'm loving the Tea, Love & Anarchy blog at the moment.  She's just started a series about frugal living, which is something I love and really need to try harder with.  I'm there on the food and general living side, but just can't resist lattes and pretty dresses lol.

Failing to help me in my bid for frugality is Puttin' on the Ritz.  They're a made-to-measure vintage repro business and it's all just beautiful.  Someone hide my purse!

Rod's 1940s' Events Calendar is an essential for all you vintage enthusiasts in the UK... I find out about all the best events here.  Roll on Hedna's at the weekend, yay!

I felt bad when I giggled at this.  But I still giggled.

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